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Find the help you need > Ex-Offender Halfway Houses

Ex-Offender Halfway Houses

Community-based programs that provide congregate living arrangements and a wide variety of counseling and supportive services for ex-offenders who recently have been released from a correctional facility but who require a gradual transition from that highly structured and supervised way of a life to a relatively free and normal existence in the community.

4 Locations offering the requested services. Providers are listed by city

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Brigid's Hope
1212 Prairie St
Houston, TX 77002
Harris County
Magnificat Houses, Inc.
Confidential Address
Houston, TX 77004
Harris County
Turning Point Center
1701 Jacquelyn
Houston, TX 77055
Harris County
Wellsprings Village, Inc.
Confidential Address
Houston, TX 77045
Harris County
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